Facebook dark mode has entered mobile user testing phase

Fans of dark mode rejoice! Facebook has confirmed “a small percentage of users globally” of the mobile app can now switch their layout to dark mode.

Several users have already posted screenshots on Twitter to show the option is available in their Facebook app settings, just below “Your Time on Facebook.”

Dark mode is a popular extension with many users, as it enables you to turn your screen or browser dark at night time. This makes viewing easier on the eyes and looks much better than the standard, white screen. Dark mode also saves screen energy, which helps to prolong the battery life on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Many apps and websites offer a dark mode option, such as Slack and Telegram, as well as Google apps (e.g., Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive). Dark mode is available on the Windows 10, Mac OS Mojave, Android and iOS 13 operating systems, and several browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox). Several of Facebook’s apps already have a dark mode option, including Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook recently added dark mode to its expanded desktop app refresh. The mobile app has taken longer to include dark mode, as there are technical issues to consider, such as having to work across different regions for users with varying levels of capacity and connectivity.

At present, there is no precise timeline as to when dark mode will appear across every user’s version of the mobile Facebook app. With the feature available to a small percentage of users, it’s only a matter of time before it is rolled out to all users.

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