HSBC extends Vodafone mobile comms management partnership

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The extension will see the mobile operator continue to manage the bank's mobile communications for its 21,000 employees until 2015 as part of the bank's wider efficiency and effectiveness programme.

"It is important to ensure our employees have the best tools to serve our customers and we believe that this contract extension will meet their needs," said Gabriel Pepe, global head of telecommunications and client technologies at HSBC.

Jan Geldmacher, chief executive of Vodafone Global Enterprise, added: "World class businesses need world class mobile communications. We welcome the opportunity to strengthen further our long-standing relationship with HSBC."

Vodafoneonly just switched on its 4G network over the last week in London. When contacted, the mobile operator would not give any more details about the contract extension or whether it would encompass 4G services.

It is important to ensure our employees have the best tools to serve our customers.

Yesterday, the mobile operator offloaded its 45 per cent stake in Verizon Wireless in the US. The $130 billion (84 billion) deal - which was announced after the close of trading on the London Stock Exchange -is one of the biggest in corporate history.

Vodafone looks set to return 54 billion to shareholders and will also use what is left to fund its 4G networks and further expansion of its European businesses. However, there is some controversy surrounding the deal as it is being managed through a Dutch subsidiary so no tax will be paid to in the UK by the company.

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