Android KitKat 4.4 vs Apple iOS 7 head-to-head review


Timely access to the latest operating system updates can be critical as they often have security patches as well as new features and performance improvements.It may be common for consumers to replace their phones once every two or three years, but most businesses will want tomaximiseROI and updates are crucial.

iOSupdates are immediately available to download worldwide when launched. This isn't the case with Android. Some devices never receive any operating system updates while others may receive an update months or even a year after it becomes available for Google's Nexus line. Even Nexus phones have to wait a few weeks before the latest version of Android is pushed out over the air.

Google commits to releasing Android operating system updates for the Nexus line for a maximum of 18 months after a device's release date. As a result the Galaxy Nexus has already reached the end of its supported life, despite being launched in November 2011 and still on sale as recently as October 2012. Therefore it doesn't support Android4.4KitKatand is stuck on 4.3 Jelly Bean. In contrast,iOS7 still supports the iPhone 4, albeit with fewer features. This phone was released in June 2010.

WINNER:iOS. Apple supports products for longer and provides a worldwide over-the-air rollout on launch day.