Android KitKat 4.4 vs Apple iOS 7 head-to-head review


The open source nature of Android makes it more customisable thaniOS. If you don't like Google's standard keyboard you can download onefrom Google Play. If you don't like the keyboard in iOS - you're stuck with it.

Android also allows user to open content with any compatible third-party app. If more than one app can open a link or a file - the OS will ask you which app you'd like to use and you can set it as a default.

Android supports widgets on its home screens, whileiOSdoes not. It's even possible to use alternative Android app stores to Google Play, such as Amazon's App Store, andsideloadapps downloaded directly from a developer's website rather than a store. Given the potential security holes though, admins may wish to prohibit these options.

Android offers users a range of customisation options, something not possible in iOS

Both operating systems have long had the ability to use bespoke apps distributed privately avoiding the public app stores.

WINNER: Android. Google's operating system is far morecustomisable- if you don't like Apple's design choices, then there's nothing you can do about it.