Apple Watch attracts retailers ahead of release

The Apple Watch may not have an official release date yet, but that hasn't stopped retailers from tapping into to the unknown possibilities the smartwatch could potentially offer the marketing world.

The WatchKit software development kit has already been released by Apple, allowing developers to work on apps for the upcoming wearable device.

Vendors have thus begun to talk about how ads and other features can be targeted at Apple Watch users, with inMarket recently telling Ad Week about beacons being developed in line with Marsh Supermarkets.

The company's plan is to extend app functionality for things such as shopping lists or recipes for the device that are triggered by the wearer entering certain locations.

Marsh Supermarkets alone has reportedly installed beacons in 75 stores in preparation for the Apple Watch's 2015 release.

Todd Dipaola, CEO of inMarket, said: "If you look at that situation when you're running through a store, how much more convenient is it to have a hands-free option to see what you're making for dinner or understand what the deals are when you're in-store?

"We've built the integration ahead of the debut so on day one as the Apple Watch comes out these apps can be ready for prime time."

It is unknown how these advertisements and notifications will be received on the Apple Watch, with the smaller screen and the ubiquitous nature of a device worn at all times making it markedly different from a smartphone or tablet. Apple has yet to release clear details on ad integration.

It has been rumoured that the Apple Watch will be released this spring, possibly in time for March.

Caroline Preece

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