5G: Waves of opportunity for enterprise applications

What your organisation can accomplish with 5G capabilities - whitepaper from Equinix

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The fifth generation mobile network enables connection between everyone and everything with multi-Gbps data speeds, greater reliability, lower costs, and wider availability. It’s expected to increase efficiency for businesses and enhance user experiences, which have already seen huge advancements with 4G in the past decade.

Just one capability that’s already in place is the emergence of 5G-connected ambulances, in which paramedics can exchange diagnostic images with medical practitioners and start helping patients before even reaching the hospital. This webinar, hosted by John Delaney, Associate VP of Mobility at IDC in Europe, talks through the major capabilities of 5G and what those capabilities enable enterprises to do.

Watch this video to learn:

  • The phases in which 5G is being rolled out and the distinct capabilities of each phase
  • How 5G is already being applied by forward-looking enterprises
  • How the scope and scale of those applications is set to develop over the next few years
  • The role of network architecture, resource location, and ecosystem access in enabling enterprises to get the most out of 5G

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