FreedomPay integrates with Google Pay to support simple and secure payments

FreedomPay, a leading advanced commerce platform, recently announced it’s integrated support for Google Pay across its e-commerce solutions. As a result of this welcomed integration, the FreedomPay Commerce Platform will allow Android users to make online purchases using cards stored within their Google Pay accounts.

Users will find they can make purchases on a merchant’s website regardless of the browser or operating system they’re using. This integration will also allow users to make purchases within Android apps.

On top of online payments, Google Pay users can also make contactless in-store payments at FreedomPay merchants using their mobile wallets.

"With the use of mobile and online payments continuing to rise, consumers shopping on the thousands of merchants operating on FreedomPay's global commerce platform will now be able to purchase seamlessly by using Google Pay," shared Steve Klebe, business development at Google.

"Together, Google Pay and FreedomPay will raise the bar for merchants and customers with even greater variety, flexibility, and functionality."

Chris Kronenthal, president & CTO of FreedomPay continued, "With FreedomPay's globally recognized eComm solution, our customers can quickly and easily pay any number of ways online, or in-store. Teaming up with Google Pay is truly about bringing seamless, secure payments to our joint customer's apps and websites."

Founded in 1999 and based in Philadelphia, the FreedomPay Commerce Platform has come to be the platform of choice for many of the largest companies worldwide. FreedomPay's payments, security, identity and data analytics solutions are currently available in-store, online and on mobile and are supported by rapid API adoption.