Android TV may soon recognize individual voices

woman sat on sofa watching catch up tv online

Google's Android TV platform might soon be able to recognize individual users' voices.

If you have a Google Assistant in your home, you probably already know you can train it to recognize your individual voice so you can get personalized responses. Google announced earlier this month that smart assistant features, such as Voice Match, will be coming to all smart devices soon, and it looks like Android TV will be included.

That's according to 9to5Google, which has found evidence that Google is planning to unleash Assistant and Home integration for the platform.

What does that mean for users? Voice recognition could make it easy to jump right to what you want to watch. If you say, “Play Ozark on Netflix” it can jump right to your account and pick up where you left off. Previously, it would simply open to whoever was logged in last.

Currently, Google Assistant can differentiate up to six voices in your home. Voice recognition is a feature that streamlines the use of shared devices and should be a welcome addition to TV viewing. But be careful what you say because your Google Assistant could be recording you.

It’s possible that the new voice-recognition implementation will also go into the soon-to-be-released streaming gaming system, Stadia.