Apple lifts iPhone purchase restrictions

Last week, Apple, for the second time since the iPhone’s introduction, had to limit its online sales. This time around, it was under far grimmer circumstances, as the supply chain tightened up due to factory closures in China after the coronavirus outbreak. Today, those limits are gone.

Amid factory shutdowns in China as the coronavirus wreaked havoc through the country, Apple feared it would run out of online inventory, so it limited iPhone and iPad purchases to just two of the same model per customer. The coronavirus outbreak has hit a point in China where restrictions are easing and people are returning to work. This has led to Apple lifting the purchase restrictions in countries outside China.

Apple hasn’t spoken about the purchase limitation, but our best guess is it was twofold. First, it was to prevent inventory from drying up due to limited supply from factories closures. Second, it was to keep scalpers from buying up all the phones and selling them at a hefty premium while Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores remained closed.

Either way, if you need to purchase a bunch of iPhones for your company or your family, you’re now free to buy as many as you’d like.