The benefits of remote desktop software

Remote working has been on the rise since before the coronavirus outbreak, but in recent weeks we’ve seen the majority of the world’s workforce shift to home working. Physical office spaces have shut down and staff are self-isolating as Covid-19 spreads rapidly across the globe. Though many organisations will have experience dealing with remote working before, for many, this is a new challenge. After all, every business is at a different stage in its digital transformation journey.

To get remote working right, businesses must ensure they have the correct tools in place to operate efficiently. Cloud collaboration and productivity apps are key, while video conferencing software is a must to keep day-to-day meetings on track. It’s also worth investing in remote desktop software, enabling employees to access a desktop or desktop interface of a remote computer locally. That’s crucial if they need to connect and utilise resources on a machine in a different geographical location.

There are myriad remote desktop solutions available, but here we’ll take a look at Supremo and guide you through some of its key features and the benefits it brings.

Ease of use without setup and configuration

Getting started with Supremo is straightforward; all you need to do is download and launch the executable file (no installation is required). This plug and play functionality means you can be up and running within minutes. There’s no need to configure routers or firewalls, either, so there’s speedy access to remote PCs or servers. It’s also operating system agnostic, working across all major platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Another useful Supremo feature is its ‘installation as a service’, allowing unattended access to the remote device. Here Supremo will start when the operating system boots up, giving access to anyone who wants to connect to the machine with no need for human intervention on the remote device. All they’ll need to do is enter login details to begin the connection.

The ‘allowed IDs’ feature tightens up security, letting you set the devices considered safe and giving only them access to remote machines. Only those with the right permissions will be able to remotely access the desktop.

Supremo’s integrated File Transfer or Drag&Drop features are also ideal for those who need to share documents, files and folders during remote sessions to ensure effective collaboration between colleagues or customers. Whether you’re using this software on your office PC or on your home device, you can securely transfer files from one device to the other.

Collaborate with colleagues

Collaborating with work colleagues when everyone’s in a different physical location provides plenty of obstacles. Supremo helps to streamline this process with its address book and contact sharing features. Here you’ll be able to add all your customer contacts and fellow team members, check whether they are online or offline, and collaborate directly with them. You’ll also be able to share contacts with your partners to work together online and deliver better remote assistance service to your customers.

Supremo allows for monitoring connections and producing reports that collect, view, filter and export information on usage. This is good for seeing which accounts are connecting to Supremo during the working day and gives you the opportunity to monitor team productivity and efficiency and also have accurate billing information.

The interface is also fully customisable, which is particularly useful if you want to use Supremo to work with clients remotely. Your logo and any pertinent details can be displayed so your customers will always see company branding as opposed to the service provider’s information.

The online reporting and customisable features are both features of the Supremo paid subscription, which starts at £4 per month per user. All plans are flexible and can be purchased quarterly or annually. As for the Business plan, you will be able to add an unlimited number of additional extra connections at any time according to your business needs. However, Supremo is free for individuals for personal use and offers a 21-day free trial if you want to give it a test drive.

The way we work has changed dramatically over the last decade, and that transformation has become even sharper in the last few weeks thanks to the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. Remote working may even become the norm once the world emerges from the pandemic, as businesses realise the large overheads of physical offices may not be essential for day-to-day operations. Those that have adapted to this new standard of working, and have tools like Supremo to help them along the way, will be the ones that thrive once the coronavirus crisis is over.

Discover the benefits of remote desktop software and download Supremo here


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