Wisemo Remote Control review: Ideal for businesses that want versatile connection options

A smart hybrid support solution with great access security and a connection for every occasion

The Wisemo Remote Control dashboard
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Wisemo is not so well-known in the UK remote support market, which is a little surprising as it's been in the game since 2010. Its hybrid Remote Control service is very versatile, and a subscription-based license enables the myCloud cloud-hosted and on-premises support services so technicians can access hosts directly over the internet or LAN.

You can have the best of both worlds, too: once the host app is installed on your endpoints, you can connect to them over the cloud from the myCloud web portal and use the technician's guest desktop app to reach them directly over the LAN. The guest app is even more amenable; after registering it with your myCloud account, it offers both connection options.

Wisemo Remote Control: Setup 

The admin web portal is a tidy affair and makes light work of deployment. From the Manage Devices tab, you can download the Windows host app or view all available versions and email links to selected users. 

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Security features are outstanding. A myCloud domain policy can be used to optionally enforce two-factor authentication (2FA) for guest users, while device access controls determine what support functions each technician is allowed to use. This is made easier with security roles as you can decide whether technicians are allowed full access, can view host inventories, have remote management permissions, or only have viewing rights for hosts.

What's more, when you create new users, you can decide if they are only allowed to access remote control services, give them operator privileges so they can deploy the host, or make them full administrators. And if you place your users in groups, you can swiftly apply one set of access rules to all members.

The web portal offers a variety of options for remote sessions. You can choose the remote desktop button or use the host's drop-down menu for quick access to file transfer, chat, and remote management. If you use Microsoft Edge you'll need the guest desktop app installed, but Chrome users get a plug-in for pure browser-based remote control sessions.

With the guest app logged into the myCloud account, technicians can see and access all registered hosts in its interface. LAN connection profiles are also included, so if the host is on the same network, they can access it directly from the guest using its IP address or hostname without going through the web portal.

The Wisemo Remote control interface

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After starting an unattended session, the guest loads a new console with a wealth of support features. Along with full remote control, its ribbon menu offers file transfer, messaging, text and audio chat, remote application execution, Registry editing, screen blanking, and keyboard and mouse controls.


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The Wisemo OnDemand service is optional with a yearly subscription costing £195 for each technician. It creates quick remote sessions for users without the host installed by emailing a link for the run-time app, and the nine-digit PIN it generates is passed back to the technician.

Mobile support is good. Wisemo has guest and host apps for Android, while for iOS devices there's a guest app with a host version currently in beta testing. We tested the guest app on an iPad. After logging into our account, we could view and control all available cloud-connected hosts, use the Quick Connect option to reach hosts over the local network, and enter an OnDemand connection ID.

Wisemo Remote Control is a hybrid support solution ideal for businesses that want a versatile range of connection options. On-demand session support is an extra expense, but it's easy to use, packed with great technician features and delivers excellent access security.

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