NTT partners with VMware to launch Edge-as-a-Service

VMware building with arched glass front

NTT has announced the launch of its Edge-as-a-Service to help enterprises better deploy, manage, and monitor applications closer to the edge.

Developed in collaboration with VMware, the new solution builds on VMware’s Edge Compute Stack and includes Private 5G connectivity leveraging Intel-based network and edge technology.

Notably, NTT’s Edge-as-a-Service offering accelerates business process automation. With near-zero latency, the service works to optimize costs while enhancing end-user experiences.

The company added VMware’s secure application development, resource management automation, and real-time processing capabilities coupled with NTT’s multi-cloud and multi-tenant edge solutions, make for a fully integrated Edge+Private 5G managed service.

"Combining Edge and Private 5G is a game changer for our customers and the entire industry, and we are making it available today," said Shahid Ahmed, group EVP of new ventures and innovation at NTT.

"The combination of NTT and VMware’s Edge Compute Stack and Private 5G delivers a unique solution that will drive powerful outcomes for enterprises eager to optimize the performance and cost efficiencies of critical applications at the network edge. Minimum latency, maximum processing power, and global coverage are exactly what enterprises need to accelerate their unique digital transformation journeys," added Ahmed.

Edge-as-a-Service joins NTT’s Managed Service portfolio, which also includes Network-as-a-Service and Multi-Cloud-as-a-Service.


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"Enterprises are increasingly distributed — from the digital architecture they rely on to the human workforce that powers their business daily. This has spurred a sea change across every industry, altering where data is produced, delivered, and consumed," said Sanjay Uppal, senior vice president and general manager, service provider, and edge business unit, VMware.

"Bringing VMware’s Edge Compute Stack to NTT’s Edge-as-a-Service will enable our mutual customers to build, run, manage, connect and better protect edge-native applications at the Near and Far Edge while leveraging consistent infrastructure and operations with the power of edge computing."