Amazon tests wireless network in California


Amazon has experimented with wireless networks in California, signalling its intent to continue investing in new areas that will aid service delivery.

Wireless network trials were carried out near Amazon's Lab126 research facilities in Cupertino where its e-reader Kindles are designed, sources told Bloomberg.

Amazon is said to have used spectrum controlled by satellite communications specialist, Globalstar.

The e-commerce giant is thought to be interested in providing a service to allow customers of its Kindle products to connect to the internet. Amazon already has a vested interest in providing online video content through its subsidiary LoveFilm, and expanding into the wireless networking space appears to be a natural move.

Globalstart has applied for permission to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to convert its satellite spectrum and provide Wi-Fi services, and plans to lease out spectrum to companies like Amazon.

Amazon isn't the only firm experimenting with its own wireless infrastructure as content delivery becomes increasingly paramount in the digital age. Google and Samsung are also actively prepping services.

Google is set to build high-speed fibre services in 17 cities, including Austin, Texas and Kansas City. The web giant also operates a Wi-Fi network in California, and recently agreed to provide wireless connectivity to all 7,000 Starbucks stores in the US over the next 18 months.

Meanwhile, Samsung claimed to have made a breakthrough in wireless communications in May 2013.

The Korean technology giant revealed it had successfully transmitted data at speeds of up to 1.056Gbps up to a distance of 2 Kilometres using an adaptive array transceiver. Samsung plans to launch the proposed 5G service' in 2020.

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