Framestore turns to Nexenta for storage management

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Nexenta has been chosen by London-based special effects studio Framestore to manage its multi-petabyte storage needs.

Media and entertainmentis a sector that is going through a lot of transition right now

Framestore has provided the special effects for a number of big-budget films, including Gravity, Iron Man 3 and Skyfall, as well as TV shows like Sherlock.

Due to the high-performance nature of its business, Framestore has created several petabytes of mission-critical data, which it was finding increasingly difficult to manage across its three datacentres in London, Montreal and New York.

Without reliable access to this data, the studio felt it would not be able to meet the production demands of its clients in the media and entertainment industry.

In order to meet this challenge, the Framestore IT team decided it needed a flexible, scalable, reliable enterprise storage system and felt Nexenta's NexentaStor offering, which the company claims delivers highly scalable, cloud and virtualisation-optimised storage management, was the right tool for the job.

"Nexenta has features that enable Framestore to do more with their storage and therefore with their data than they were able to do before," Tarkan Maner, CEO of the software-defined storage vendor told IT Pro.

"Framestore's use of our software-defined storage solution is a great example of how the technology can benefit the media and entertainment sector. It's a sector that is going through a lot of transition right now, with everything going digital and the use of a lot of computer-based innovation and imaging. This change is driving a need for better storage and that is why this industry is a big focus for our strategy."

Steve MacPherson, Framestore's CTO, added: "Nexenta provides that last critical software and support component that allows us to move everything forward as we re-architect our global storage strategy.

"I believe Nexenta is on the crest of a wave, one that has a strong potential to disrupt the storage industry status quo."

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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