Microsoft launches Windows 365 Boot and Switch apps

The Windows 365 Switch interface
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has added more functions to its Windows 365 cloud PC service to help users seamlessly and securely switch to different devices.

The tech giant has also revealed a new capability that lets users work offline with an automatic re-syncing feature that saves user data.

To begin, 'Windows 365 Boot' is a security feature that lets admins designate a "primary" device for their workforce to use Windows 365. Microsoft suggests this is a solution that will favour temporary or frontline workers, where sharing devices in BYOD scenarios is very common.

All a new user needs is their own personal Windows 365 credentials, through which they can access their own account on the new device.

Microsoft has also announced 'Windows 365 Switch', designed for those that want to change devices, like moving from a desktop to a tablet, on the fly. Users can use the function to switch from the cloud PC to a local desktop, similar to the service that is in 'Task Switcher'. This includes porting the keyboard commands and swipe gestures as well.

Windows 365 was introduced last year as "the world's first Cloud PC" that lets users stream their entire Windows experience straight from Microsoft's cloud. So personal settings, apps, and contents can be accessed, securely, on any device. The feature is mainly aimed at hybrid workers, but also those running BYOD device programmes. Microsoft also notes that it's a useful service for companies going through mergers or acquisitions where devices and systems need to change in as seamless a way as possible.

The tech giant has also considered downtime with Windows 365 offline, which will enable work in the service even when disconnected. What's more, when connectivity is restored, the cloud PC will automatically re-sync with the Windows 365 service so that no user data is lost and the user experience and workflow remain persistent.

There is also a new Windows 365 app that will offer another way to access the cloud PC from the Task Bar or Start menu, which users can personalise with the desktop path.

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