The IT Pro Podcast: Happy birthday GDPR

This time two years ago, you could barely move without seeing commentators and industry analysts predicting that the then-new GDPR regulations would signal a cataclysmic change in the way businesses were run, forcing fundamental shifts in how tech giants handled personal data and leading to unprecedented fines for data breaches.

Fast forward to the present, however, and GDPR hasn’t been as much of a tectonic shift as some predicted. So, with two years of enforcement now behind it, what kind of impact has the regulation had? Has it succeeded in changing companies’ behaviours? What does a new world of remote working and quarantines mean for compliance?

In this episode, we talk to barrister and data protection expert Dyann Heward-Mills to find out more about how businesses have adapted to the rules, and whether or not they’ve made a lasting impression. Elsewhere, we look at the causes behind the UK’s disappointing 5G infrastructure, HP’s new remote working devices, and Microsoft’s latest bug bonanza.






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