TechUK helps cyber security firms mitigate export risks


Trade body techUK has published the first industry guidance aimed at helping cyber security firms assess the risks of exporting products and services.

Assessing Cyber Security Export Risks' is designed to help companies identify and manage the risks of exporting, covering due diligence processes, human rights risks and national security dangers.

TechUK warned that such products could end up being bought by criminals who could use them to undermine UK security.

Ruth Davis, head of cyber, justice and emergency services at techUK, said: "We need to prevent them falling into the wrong hands, leading to human rights abuses or the undermining of UK national security.

"Businesses have a responsibility to protect human rights and uphold national security. We want British companies to take the lead on protecting human rights and driving innovation in cyber security.

"The advice in this document is designed to help companies reduce reputational risk and to have confidence in the deals they make."

The Government wants to boost UK exports of cyber security products, after the National Audit Office (NAO) found the National Cyber Security Programme was failing to deliver economic benefits for UK businesses.

A NAO report in September found progress in encouraging more exports of cyber products was slow, yet the Government aims to make it a 2 billion market by 2016.

TechUK has published the guidance with the Institute of Human Rights and Business and on behalf of the Cyber Growth Partnership.