LastPass boosts platform with a clutch of enterprise-led features

The word LastPass, next to four asterisks indicating a password

LastPass has revealed a number of enterprise-led features for its platform, including automated onboarding and offboarding with a number of identity management providers, adding more control over admin rights for IT staff and facilitiating better organisation of work and personal passwords.

Automated onboarding and offboarding means identity management tools like Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta are supported right out of the box, making it much easier for admins to add new users to their implementation.

The ability to reduce access to some of the LastPass features means IT staff that need to make changes can have limited privileges rather than being able to tweak all settings. This not only boosts security for the entire organisation, but also means IT staff aren't overwhelmed when providing support services to non-IT staff.

LastPass now supports smart organisation of work and personal passwords, identifying which are for work-related services and which are for personal access, moving them into the relevant vaults automatically, making it much easier to manage both vaults.

The final new feature is LastPass Premium as employee benefit option, offering a personal password management solution as part of a business's benefits offering, which the company hopes will encourage employees to be more mindful about security outside of work too.

"The human element is the weakest link in security and represents the largest attack surface of an organization," says Matt Kaplan, GM of LastPass by LogMeIn.

"With this latest release, we are offering new integrations to popular identity providers which enables businesses to more rapidly increase their overall security posture by easily deploying LastPass company wide. At LastPass, we provide our business customers the best of both worlds a frictionless experience employees love, protected by the strong security and control IT admins need."

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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