BAE Systems, Vodafone and others join forces to create security intelligence network

Cyber Threat

BAE Systems, Vodafone, RUSI and startup accelerator CyLon are collaborating to build a security intelligence network to tackle changing and growing threats in the technology landscape.

The group decided to develop the group as threats become more intelligent and hackers use a wider variety of tools to commit cyber crimes. They are calling for more transparency in the cyber security space, with businesses and government working together to fight online crime.

As part of a seven-year framework designed to create a safer digital world, the network will focus on collaboration and sharing information, simplifying how security is implemented and insisting systems are secure by default. In addition, it aims to ensure security is available to everyone, regardless of whether they can afford it.

The group also called for cyber security to become a business requirement, managed by the corporate risk management structures in the same way health and safety is handled.

As part of the initiative, the consortium will launch a manifesto that details the commitments The Intelligence Network will adhere to, including changes in leadership, culture, behaviour and processes to ensure businesses are able to prevent cyber crime.

"When discussing the cyber security landscape with our customers, partners and employees, there seems to be a groundswell of support to work together more closely for the greater good," said Julian Cracknell, Managing Director at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence.

"The Intelligence Network is an initiative which we hope will unite a community of like-minded global security professionals and industry influencers who share our vision. Through this Manifesto, we are setting out the ambitions of The Intelligence Network and establishing a framework for creating a safer society by 2025."

The Intelligence Network will be led by James Sullivan, Cyber Programme Lead at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Andrzej Kawalec, CTO and Head of Strategy and Innovation at Vodafone and Professor Alan Woodward from the Surrey University Centre for Cyber Security.

Clare Hopping
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