Digital Shadows’ context-based security alerts expand sensitive doc management

image of virtual document on a screen

Today, Digital Shadows announced upgraded capabilities for its digital risk-protection platform, SearchLight, to help organizations protect sensitive data from unauthorized access and manipulation.

SearchLight already alerts customers about potential sensitive document exposure before they become emergencies. SearchLight currently categorizes documents noted as “sensitive” because they include password-protection, encryption or words similar to “Private and confidential.” These documents may consist of company tax documents, payroll information and proprietary product designs.

According to the press release, starting December 1, SearchLight will gain two new alerts: exposed technical documents (security assessments and product designs) and commercial documents (legal and payroll data). Plus, these documents won’t require protective markings to be identified as sensitive and associated with their organizations, thanks to new contextual analysis.

The ability to consider a document’s context will also help customers understand an alert’s severity. In the case of a leaked technical document, the alert will indicate the compromised file is a product-related document and assign it a visible risk-prioritization score. Because a leaked technical document is extremely sensitive, it will attract a high-risk prioritization score.

Additional context within the alert will include when someone last viewed the document and if it’s still online. Clients can also use domain information and file metadata to identify the original misconfigured file store’s author and creation date.

"Every day more product designs, security assessments, and payroll data are exposed online – and organizations have no idea. We give them new visibility into this problem and provide the best ways to mitigate the risks," said Russell Bentley, VP of product at Digital Shadows.