Sontiq's Intelligent Identity Security platform will combat online fraud

Sontiq corporate image on a blue-green background

Sontiq has unveiled a new cloud-based solution for identity-theft protection called Intelligent Identity Security (IIS).

The new platform, which Sontiq built on its identity theft and cyber threat protection solutions IdentityForce and EZShield, enables end users to identify and combat online fraud proactively.

“Identity fraud has a multi-billion dollar impact on consumers every year. As more consumers rely on remote forms of work, entertainment and payments their risk of being victimized with identity fraud naturally increases,” said John Buzzard, lead fraud and security analyst at Javelin Strategy & Research.

Sontiq IIS increases personal and financial information protection with mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA), identity vault with multi-layered encryption, secure storage, and a password manager. Furthermore, using its machine learning (ML)-based dark web monitoring capability, Sontiq IIS tracks your personally identifiable information (PII) online.

Completing the threat response cycle, Sontiq IIS’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based algorithms trigger critical identity threat alerts when a user’s PII is at risk of being compromised.

End users can also submit a case of suspected fraud to Sontiq’s resolution specialists team, who will review the security incident and kick off Sontiq’s “white-glove resolution process.”


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Finally, Sontiq IIS platform allows rapid implementation of identity theft and cyber threat protection capabilities, encouraging community adoption.

“Our new platform is built for driving increased revenue and profitability for our partner ecosystem,” said Rochelle Blease, EVP of products and strategy at Sontiq. “It provides full flexibility for white labeling and co-branding, along with secure, easy integration.”

Sontiq expects to have its IIS platform ready in March.