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It’s hard to believe how much financial technology, or fintech, has changed the realms of traditional banking and lending institutions. Now, thanks to ubiquitous digital technologies and the widespread flow of data, loans and insurance can be arranged on a smartphone app.

But as third-party provided fintech is heavily reliant on the secure exchange and processing of data - typically with apps - it’s an attractive target for bad cyber actors, which means it’s in dire need of cutting-edge data security, such as Confidential Computing.

A smart answer to these challenges is to conduct fintech and decentralised finance activity within the secure enclaves of a Confidential Computing implementation. Confidential Computing can combine with blockchain technologies to allow users to provide attestation and verification services for privacy and security.

Download this whitepaper to see how Confidential Computing can combine with hardware security modules to ensure that access is limited only to the right people, and only for specific authorised tasks.

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