The business value of Zscaler Data Protection

Whitepaper cover with male and female colleague looking at, and pointing to, a digital padlock
(Image credit: Zscaler)

Businesses are racing to embrace cloud and mobility, leveraging new technologies to improve productivity and agility. While these new approaches offer efficiencies over legacy systems, they also introduce new data loss risks. Companies are increasingly looking for new security approaches that can secure all their distributed data while reducing cost and complexity.

This new study from analyst firm IDC demonstrates how Zscaler Data Protection solutions ensure more effective and efficient data security than other vendors. Organizations using Zscaler described improving data security regardless of user location or means of access, thus minimizing data-related risk across their hybrid IT and work environments. 

Download this whitepaper now to understand these business benefits and more:

  • 85% three-year ROI
  • 173% increase in identification of data-related security incidents
  • 8 months to payback
  • 22% increase in efficiency of IT infrastructure teams
  • Quicker resolution of data loss.

Provided by  Zscaler


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