A CISO’s guide to log management for cybersecurity

A Cisco’s guide to log management for cybersecurity
(Image credit: Graylog)

High profile breaches make headlines that impact bottom lines and motivate governments to create laws which protect citizens. Breaches have a longer term impact on an organization’s bottom line than many realize, many companies are not prepared for this larger-than-expected result. 

Graylog delivers centralized log management with a SaaS solution which optimizes security operations. This whitepaper will show you how the right centralized log management solution can help you:

• Detect potential security incidents

• Identify service issues

• Evaluate resource usage

A centralized log management solution can give you the tools to secure your organization, gain control of IT architecture, and communicate issues effectively. Learn more about how Graylog can help you solve security compliance, operational, and DevOps issues.

Download the whitepaper today.

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