AWS' CodeGuru Reviewer updated to tackle Log4j

A red warning sign with the words Log4j underneath on a blue background of ones and zeros
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has added two new capabilities to its developer tool CodeGuru Reviewer, including checks against the Log4j vulnerability.

The machine learning service helps uncover security vulnerabilities in code while also offering suggestions for improving code quality.


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Building on these capabilities, AWS’ CodeGuru Reviewer now supports two new features: detector library and security detectors for log-injection flaws.

The detector library contains a detailed description of detectors used by CodeGuru Reviewer when searching for possible defects. Additionally, the library offers code samples in both Java and Python.

For each detector, CodeGuru Reviewer includes one noncompliant and one compliant code instance. The detectors are designed to pick up on a wide range of code defects.

In addition, CodeGuru employs machine learning and automated reasoning to identify potential errors. The result is that each detector can find additional defects on top of the one explicitly listed on its description page.

Secondly, new detectors for log-injection flaws address the problem described in CWE-117: Improper Output Neutralization for Logs. In particular, the new capability mitigates a recently discovered vulnerability in Apache Log4j.

“Following the recent Apache Log4j vulnerability, we introduced in CodeGuru Reviewer new detectors that check if you’re logging anything that is not sanitized and possibly executable,” explained AWS.

“Following these detectors, user-provided inputs must be sanitized before they are logged. This avoids having an attacker be able to use this input to break the integrity of your logs, forge log entries, or bypass log monitors.”

Detector library and new detectors for log-injection flaws are available across all AWS regions that offer Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer.