Tata rolls out DDoS protection

graphic of clouds made out of padlocks

Tata Communications is rolling out its distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection globally from today to help businesses deal with the growing threat.

DDoS Detection and Mitigation is a cloud-based solution that monitors traffic to public facing websites and detects whether visitors are genuine or are being pushed through by bots launching an attack.

Once the tool has identified the types of traffic, it denies DDoS requests access to the site, whilst allowing regular users through its protection layer.

Previously the service was only available on its own network, but Tata is now opening up the cleaning up the traffic capability – “scrubbing” – to all.

“Tata Communications operates the largest DDoS scrubbing infrastructure built into any carrier’s backbone,” claimed Adam Rice, chief security officer (CSO) and vice president of managed security services at Tata. “With this scale, we have successfully defended every DDoS attack levied against our customers.”

“By expanding our offering to be network agnostic, we’re now making the capability available to a much larger community – a community that requires access to a high-capacity infrastructure where their traffic can be scrubbed rather than black-holed.”

Tata claimed it could have the service up and running within 24 hours, so if a company was hit by a DDoS attack, it could have a relatively quick response to the loss of genuine custom.

In keeping with the fact it is a cloud product, businesses can buy the product on a per usage basis if they only expect infrequent attacks. However, Tata also offers capped pricing deals for those with growing infrastructure and what it calls “good track record discounts” for those who experience very few attacks over a set period.

The announcement comes just a day after Imperva announced its own Cloud DDoS Protection solution, showing a growing momentum in cloud-based security.

Jennifer Scott

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