Wisconsin Republican Party allegedly loses $2.3 million to hackers

Donald Trump

The Wisconsin Republican Party alleges hackers stole $2.3 million by altering invoices from companies operating direct-mail campaigns and making Trump campaign swag.

The hackers pulled the heist off by allegedly rerouting money intended for the Republican party’s vendors to their accounts,

A Wisconsin GOP spokesperson told the Associated Press there have been over 800 attempted phishing attacks on the party during this campaign season. The FBI is investigating this new hacking crime.

This heist’s timing and the location are notable because we’re so close to the election, and Wisconsin is a critical battleground state. Biden and President Trump plan to visit Wisconsin today. Trump took Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes by a narrow margin in 2016, and current polls indicate another close race this year.

As for the stolen $2.3 million, the GOP doesn’t see it affecting the presidential race’s final days.

Republican Party chairman Andrew Hitt stressed that the money stolen was for services already rendered.“While a large sum of money was stolen, our operation is running at full capacity,” Hitt told the Associated Press.