TikTok considers changes to data policies amid rising security concerns

The TikTok logo on an application store accessed from a smartphone
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US lawmakers and TikTok are negotiating changes to the short-form video app's data security and governance strategies, the New York Times reported on Monday.

The changes could prove instrumental in deflecting a plausible sale among rising security concerns. A potential agreement between the ByteDance-owned app and the Biden administration is in the works, as matters stand.


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The company can "fully satisfy all reasonable US national security concerns" a TikTok spokesperson revealed.

Over two years have passed since a US national security panel ordered ByteDance to divest TikTok for concerns over data abuse by China's communist government.

As of September 2022, TikTok could face a £27 million fine under UK data protection laws for failing to safeguard children's privacy on its platform.

The app also suffered a data breach earlier this month, which included 790GB of user information. The firm, however, refuted the allegations of a massive security breach.

TikTok’s security incident follows the discovery of a “high-severity vulnerability” in its Android app by Microsoft researchers.