Ransomwiz lets you test your security with simulated ransomware

Ransomwiz logo on black background

Nyotron, the producer of endpoint security systems, has announced a new online tool that allows security professionals to launch a ransomware attack on their own system safely.

Named Ransomwiz, this new online tool will let security professionals test their systems with ransomware situations using various real-world tactics.

Ransomware is a growing issue in the business world, as Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report found it to be the third most common malware attack. All told, ransomware accounts for 20% of malware breaches, making it a common and costly hack.

According to Nyotron, Ransomwiz is easy to use, so even junior security personnel can run it without issue. All a user needs to do is choose a directory to encrypt and which ransomware program to run. Users can also overwrite options and more with Ransomwiz’s advanced customization features.

"The battle against ransomware can only be faced head-on by giving enterprises the awareness and tools to first understand and then properly defend against these types of attacks," said Nir Gaist, founder and CTO of Nyotron.

Gaist continued: "Before we announced RIPlace last year, we informed many vendors of the potential disaster that could occur. Unfortunately, almost a year after, most security products are still exposed to RIPlace, as well as to endless other techniques - which is why we felt the need to launch Ransomwiz and give security teams a way to do their own diligence and simulate attacks."

If Ransomwiz is right for you, you can access it at ransomwiz.gg.