The (hard) key to stop phishing

The hard key to stop phishing How Cloudflare stopped a targeted attack and you can too webinar
(Image credit: Cloudflare)

On July 20, 2022, Cloudflare was targeted in a sophisticated SMS phishing scheme that sent text messages to employees. These messages  were disguised as official-looking communications, which included “cloudflare” and “okta” in the hacker-controlled domain

Improving security while keeping users productive has never been trickier because ransomware, phishing, shadow IT, and other threats have been exploding in volume and sophistication. 

Join Cloudflare in this on-demand webinar where they walk through the entire chain of events in detail.  They will discuss:

  • Why not all MFA is treated equal and strengthened FIDO U2F / FIDO2 implementations like security keys can thwart phishing attacks
  • How a ZTNA service like Cloudflare Access simplifies the rollout of strong authentication across all types of resources, even legacy apps
  • Where Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform played a role in mitigating this and similar attacks, from blocking the new domain to logging all authentications and killing active, compromised sessions
  • How a “paranoid but blame-free” culture is critical for security and helps businesses move quickly during critical incidents.

Watch the webinar today. 

Provided by  Cloudflare


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