Want to secure your hybrid workforce with ZTNA?

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Embracing hybrid and remote work expands the attack surface. Perimeter firewalls consider the source and destination when making enforcement decisions. Attackers can move through a corporate network until they identify a device that provides access to a database that contains important information.  

They can install a keylogger on the device that gathers credentials and then steal sensitive data. What’s needed is a new model that secures mission-critical applications. Zero Trust Network Access is a popular choice with companies that want to strengthen their security posture for hybrid work. 

This whitepaper explores ten factors you must consider when evaluating a ZTNA tool. It then introduces Zscaler Private Access, a platform that provides secure access to private apps and OT devices while enabling zero trust connectivity for workloads.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The true definition of zero trust network access 
  • How ZTNA can benefit your organization
  • Best practices for selecting a ZTNA solution

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Provided by Zscaler


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