Hitachi Vantara takes the wraps off new enterprise storage platform at Next 2019

Dan McConnell Hitachi Vantara SVP at Next 2019 conference

Hitachi Vantara has revealed a new storage array and supporting management software at its annual Next conference in Las Vegas.

Dubbed Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5000, it is "the fastest NVMe array on the planet" according to Dan McConnell, senior vice president of infrastructure at Hitachi Vantara.

"It represents the culmination of multiple years of innovation to redesign and re architect the enterprise class DSP storage," McConnell told delegates during the opening keynote on Wednesday.

VSP 5000 is capable of an "industry leading" 21 million IOPS and sub-70 microseconds latencies.

It's also highly scalable. Customers can start out with just two controllers and scale up to a maximum of 12, which would provide over 69 petabytes of capacity.

McConnell also touted the reliability of product, saying: "While our competition is out there talking about five nines or six nines, the VSP 5000 is capable of eight nines of reliability.

"What's two nines? That's 100 times more reliable."

All this, he said, makes VSP 5000 "the biggest ... the fastest ... [and] the most reliable" array of its kind around.

The product is designed to work in harmony with a customers' existing infrastructure, McConnell said.

"With full support and integration in a container, and virtualisation environments, as well as pulling forward support from mainframes, the VSP 5000 can ensure you can consolidate any workload from mainframe to containers," he said.

"The VSP solution is also capable of orchestrating copies and data mobility both on prem and off with integrated copy data management capabilities that are drag and drop something.

"It's also cloud connected both from a data path perspective, where we can seamlessly tier file in an object workloads to the cloud, or integrated cloud backup capabilities," he added.

In addition to the hardware, the company also revealed Hitachi Ops Center, an AI-powered infrastructure management platform.

"[It combines] our technologies to enable AI driven operations for ease of use and reliability," said McConnell, "bringing together key management and orchestration capabilities into a new Hitachi infrastructure management suite. With tighter integration and faster time to value."

McConnell outlined three key features of Ops Center: Administrator, which provides simplified device management, protect suite, which offers "intuitive application array aware data protection and copy data management", and analyzer, which collects data across a customer's environment, enables root cause analysis and offers predictive remediation.

"All of this [is] REST API driven and with customisable UI dashboards," he added.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform 5000 series and Hitachi Ops Center are available immediately.

Jane McCallion
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