Oracle plans more UK data centres

A view of Oracle's office building in Silicon Valley, California

Oracle has announced it will open a series of new UK-based datacentres in the next six months, alongside new facilities in the US and Turkey.

The company's latest datacentre, based in London, will feature at least three high bandwidth, low latency sites, known as Availability Domains (ADs). They will be located a few miles from each other to ensure any faults that occur will not affect the other sites, offering continuous uptime.

Oracle said this approach offers the highest levels of failure protection and availablility to Oracle's most demanding cloud applications, making them perfect for businesses looking to build, deploy and extend their applications.

Gareth Williams, CEO, YellowDog, one of Oracle's customers, said: “We’ve been consistently impressed with the speed, availability and price of Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud. This has, in turn, helped us grow our business across the world."

“The new EMEA Regions will enable us to offer an improved service to our high-end customers in Europe who look to YellowDog to deliver not only super-fast, super-secure and high availability cloud rendering, but also super-low latency,” Williams added.

Oracle said it's managed to double the reach of its cloud platform in the last two years, covering 29 regions. It has also pledged to open more datacentres in Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East in 2018.

“Oracle is committed to building the most differentiated Cloud Platform that delivers on the requirements of a wide array of customer workloads,” said Deepak Patil, vice president of development at Oracle Cloud Platform.

“This regional expansion underscores our commitment to making the engineering and capital investments required to continue to be a global large scale cloud platform leader.”

Clare Hopping
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