AMD takes aim at Intel with new Epyc data centre CPUs

AMD Epyc

AMD has launched three new second-gen Epyc server processors which it claims can deliver up to 50% lower cost of ownership compared to rival Intel Xeon processors.

The chips are part of AMD's attempt to top the server chip market, which has long been dominated by Intel.

The latest additions to the Epyc family include eight-core, 16-core and 24-core processors that specifically target database, commercial high-performance computing and hyper-converged infrastructure workloads.

AMD says its second-gen Epyc processors have proven fairly successful in the enterprise, cloud and high-performance computing markets.

"The enterprise is an important area for us," said Dan McNamara, SVP and GM of AMD's server business unit. "We're really going after that with this new launch, with the per-core advantage and per-CPU dollar advantage."

The three new processors are the eight-core Epyc 7F32, the 16-core Epyc 7F52 and the top-end 24-core Epyc 7F72. Each comes with 500MHz of additional base frequency and large amounts of cache memory.

According to AMD, the 7Fx2 processors provide new performance capabilities for workloads at the centre of the enterprise markets. This includes databases with up to 17% higher SQL server performance compared to the competition.

The new processors also offer market-leading per-core performance, according to AMD, thanks to a balanced architecture that combines high-performance Zen 2 cores, innovations in design and the AMD Infinity architecture.

According to the company, its ecosystem of Epyc users continues to grow. This includes hardware makers, cloud providers and software developers, such as Dell, HPE, IBM and more.

"We really feel like not only is the product coming to life across these different segments, but the ecosystem is really starting to grow heavily for us," McNamara added.

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