EnterpriseDB launches Server and Enterprise Manager updates

EnterpriseDB has announced the availability of two product updates - Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 and EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0.

The updates have been specifically developed for fast-growing Fortune 500 customers that require new levels of scalability, security and manageability within their IT infrastructure.

"Organisations of all sizes and types are cutting database costs wherever possible by deploying capable, open-source-based alternatives to proprietary databases," said Marc Linster, senior vice president of Products and Services at EnterpriseDB.

"The ability to control expensive proprietary vendor costs with open source has been proven with Linux for operating systems; Xen and KVM for virtualisation; JBoss and Apache for middleware; and is now being applied to databases."

New features of the company's server software includesethe ability to define more specific password rules for heightened security, including complexity, how they can be reused and how often they expire, plus enhanced vertical scaling, making it a perfect solution for companies that need to adapt to demand quickly, the company claimed.

Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 also incorporates package support for UTL_RAW and DBMS_SESSION and expanded support for UTL_HTTP, ensuring Oracle migrations run as smoothly as possible.

On the management side, EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager 6.0 helps administrators manage their Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 implementation, but with the added ability to also integrate with other infrastructure, including the open source Nagios and EDB Failover Manager.

Additionally, alerts and notifications are presented via a new user interface that allows the easy creation of file activity logs to help audits and provide more visibility of operations.

"We see large organisations successfully repurpose budgets to open-source-based solutions, as well as deploy next generation apps with EDB Postgres to strategically transform their businesses to meet the demands of the digital economy," Linster said.

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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