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GoTo Resolve Basic review: An SMB-friendly remote support service

This good-value hosted remote support service is ideal for SMBs that demand zero-trust access security

Screen grab of the GoTo Resolve software
£58 exc VAT per agent per month

GoTo Resolve is a cloud-hosted remote support solution with security at the top of its agenda. Designed to ensure that access to unattended computers is locked down tight, it requires technicians or agents to enter a personal signature key before a session is permitted.

Key creation is a one-time affair that happens the first time a technician accesses their personal Resolve web portal and attempts to download the unattended apps. Create a key that is at least eight characters long and don't forget it; GoTo makes it clear that for extra security, it doesn't store keys in the cloud and is unable to recover them.

Resolve handles unattended access for Windows devices differently to most other remote support solutions. Instead of installing a custom app on the remote device, it loads a background service linked to the technician's key. We had no problems installing the unattended macOS app on our MacBooks, and Resolve also offers an app for Android mobiles.

Once we'd installed the Windows service and macOS app on our endpoints, they appeared in the portal's Devices view ready for instant access. Clicking on one takes you to an informative status screen with details of the CPU and memory as well as OS and BIOS versions, but the standout feature for us is the real-time graph below showing CPU, memory and network interface utilisation.

A screen shot of the GoTo Resolve interface

Buttons at the top provide links to a terminal session, file manager or remote control and, in all cases, you're required to enter your personal signature key to access them. Once remote control has started, the session is accessed from the portal's Support tab, which presents the device's screen in a central window with an interaction panel to the right for chat, file browsing and making notes. 

An upper toolbar offers quick access to various functions such as clipboard syncing, sending files, screen sharing and rebooting the device where the service will reconnect when the system is back up. A useful feature is that sessions to multiple systems can be opened simultaneously, and you can swap between them from the sidebar. 

Resolve isn't just about unattended access; it also provides plenty of on-demand remote support features. Technicians access every feature from their personal web portal and can start instant remote support or basic screen-viewing sessions with consummate ease.

This loads an in-portal page with a nine-digit access code, along with options to copy the web link and send the invitation via SMS or email. Users are presented with personal details of the technician for added reassurance and asked to permit the request, after which the Resolve runtime app is loaded, the session starts and the technician sees the same screen and toolbar as used for unattended access.

Camera sharing costs £23 per month for each agent and is just as easy to use. The same remote support process is used to create a session, but this time the user goes to a different web link to enter their code and the technician then receives a camera view in their support portal with facilities to freeze and annotate the view and have a chat.

Mobile support is also optional, with a monthly fee of £15 per agent. We tested this on an iPad using the Resolve technician app to provide remote support and the client app for screen broadcasting to technicians. 

GoTo Resolve is a well-rounded remote support solution that's ideally suited to SMBs that want the tightest access security. There's a lot more on the horizon, too, as GoTo is planning to make Resolve even more versatile by adding endpoint antivirus software, patch management and alerting.

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