Shopify's new app helps people shop local from the safety of home

While Shopify is best known for powering the online stores of more than a million businesses, the e-commerce company has most recently announced Shop, an all-new shopping app geared toward connecting local businesses with nearby shoppers.

With its “Shop Local” function, the Shop app searches for participating brick-and-mortar stores closest to the user’s most recent delivery address, allowing it to provide an engaging shopping experience from the comfort of home.

Designed to empower shoppers to support their community, Shop also allows users to follow area businesses and receive updates on new products and special promotions. The app also provides shoppers with recommendations based on their preferences and purchase history. Further, the app provides options for flexible pickup and delivery, along with fast and easy checkout through the company’s Shop Pay feature.

“We’re proud to present online shoppers with a seamless, intuitive way to shop, while helping them support local businesses,” shares Carl Rivera, general manager of Shop. “Shop guarantees peace of mind by giving customers all the information they need, when they need it.”

In a world where many face increased isolation due to the spread of the coronavirus, the Shop app allows customers to reimagine shopping experiences without putting their health at risk.

In a press release, the company shares: “We are setting out to reimagine the online shopping experience for customers — to provide them greater convenience, transparency, and personalization. As a result of social distancing and stay-at-home measures, customers have become more reliant on online ordering than ever before as it becomes more challenging to stay connected to the brands they love.”

Naturally, the Shop app also allows users in North America to browse and purchase products from any of the other 1 million merchants on the Shopify platform. Like the Shop Local function, users can browse product inventory, follow their favorite brands and get real-time updates about new products and discounts.

Those interested in taking this app for a test run can download it at