Google unveils new G Suite security features

This week, Google announced a host of updates aimed at improving security in Gmail, Meet and Chat. The tech giant also unveiled new features designed to assist IT admins as they manage and secure devices within the Admin Console.

First up among Google’s new security features is Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). Currently in its pilot stages, BIMI will enable organizations using DMARC to authenticate emails to validate ownership of corporate logos and safely transmit them to Google. Once an email has successfully passed Google’s anti-abuse checks, Gmail will then begin displaying the logo in avatar slots throughout Gmail.

Google also announced Google Meet will receive security updates that give hosts increased control over who can knock and join their meetings. Advanced safety locks will also allow hosts to decide which methods of joining a meeting — via calendar invite or direct link — will require users to get explicit approval to join. Google says these features will be available to consumers and G Suite for Education accounts first.

New security features are coming to Chat too. Not only is Google expanding Gmail’s phishing protections to Chat, including checking links sent via Chat against real-time data from Safe Browsing. If Chat determines a link is malicious, it’ll tag it as such. In a few weeks, Chat users will also be able to report and block Chat Rooms suspected of malicious activity.

For IT admins, Google has simplified device management by displaying the number of devices managed by each service. Google is also helping IT admins by launching integration with Apple Business Manager. Formerly known as DEP, Apple Business Manager allows G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise Essentials, Cloud Identity Premium and G Suite Enterprise for Education admins to manage company-owned Apple iOS devices.

A new Data Loss Prevention feature was also unveiled. Using automated information rights management (IRM) controls, admins can prevent data exfiltration by blocking users from downloading, printing or copying Google Drive documents containing sensitive content. Data Loss Prevention is now available in Beta to G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise Essentials and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers.

Lastly, admins can now use app access control to block apps from accessing G Suite services without first having to create an allow list for each app requiring access to G Suite data.


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