Sage wants to "revolutionize" accounting for small businesses, and generative AI will do the heavy lifting

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Sage has unveiled the launch of a new generative AI tool aimed specifically for use by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Dubbed Sage Copilot, this new offering will lead SMBs and accountants into the “generative AI era”, the company said. The AI assistant will help users automate routine tasks, offer business insights, and aid decision making. 

The aim is for Sage Copilot to become a “trusted member” of SMB teams, whether that's senior leadership members, chief financial officers (CFOs), accountants, or HR leaders.

Sage Copilot will handle administrative and repetitive tasks in “real time,” helping to automate workflows, identify errors in work, and generate practical insights for individual business use cases.

“Sage Copilot revolutionizes small and mid-sized businesses and accountant productivity by bringing trusted AI into the heart of their operations — automating tasks and providing insights to fuel growth and efficiency," said Sage chief executive Steve Hare.

"It's not just an AI feature; it's a commitment to building a future where businesses can focus on their goals, supported by AI they can trust from Sage”. 

Sage sells this new offering as a jack of all trades in enterprise-level AI by listing a number of the tools key features.  

It fares well in task management and automation, simplifying tasks into personalized lists and prioritizing objectives based on urgency, while simultaneously integrating with services such as Microsoft Office to further improve workflow. 


According to Sage, the copilot tool can also prepare and send messages with the correct “tone and timing,” such as customer invoices or employee reminders. 

Taking advantage of the large scale data capacities of AI, Sage Copilot will be able to provide data analysis capabilities as well including insight and custom report creation that aids decision making in areas of cash flow and finance.

Streamlining cash flow is also a key a feature in Sage’s new tool; it's been designed to provide users with options to improve cash flow that include suggestions to “accelerate customer payments, enhance working capital, and support smarter financial decisions.”

All of these features then translate into Sage’s operating style, as each interaction helps create a more personalized understanding of individual user preferences. 

George Fitzmaurice
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