Google Meet attendance reports are now available to more Workspace customers

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Google Workspace enterprise customers can now see Google Meet attendance reports, a feature Google made available to education users in September.

In a blog post, Google’s Workspace team said these attendance reports feature several enhancements to provide more access, control and visibility into meetings and live stream reports.

These attendance reports will include data on live streaming viewers, like total viewer count and the number of viewers throughout the live stream.

Google will allow non-education organizers to activate and deactivate attendance reports via the in-meeting settings during the call or the Calendar event before the meeting starts. Google will deactivate the reports by default, so organizers must activate this if they want them.

Organizers in education domains won’t have the option to activate and deactivate reports. Instead, they’ll continue receiving attendance reports for all meetings with five or more participants.

In addition, live stream hosts and meeting attendees (not live stream viewers) will now see the number of live stream participants when joining via Google Meet.


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Admins also have control over attendance tracking and can choose whether an organizational unit (OU) can use the attendance-tracking feature or not. While attendance and live stream reports will be available by default for users, admins can make them unavailable to their domain or specific OUs and groups. Google warned that in-call viewer count for live streams will be on by default, and admins can’t turn it off.

Live streaming data reports, report-creation settings and live stream in-call viewer counts rolled out on November 24, but it’ll take up to three days for all customers to see the new features.

The reports will be available on Google Workspace Essentials, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Plus, and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers. However, they won’t be available to Google Workspace Business Starter and Business Standard, or G Suite Basic, Business, Education and Non-Profit customers.

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