Teradata IntelliFlex gets a big upgrade

Big data image

Teradata has upgraded IntelliFlex, its single-cabinet system which acts as a platform for its IntelliBase data warehouse product, saying it has delivered a massive 7.5x performance increase.

The original Intelliflex was only released in 2016 but Intelliflex 2.0 also features double the performance per watt.

Much of the performance increase has been enabled by a move to the use of SSDs for all storage. In his keynote speech at Teradata Universe in Nice, Chris Twogood, Teradata's VP for solutions and product marketing, said that SSD prices had now dropped to the point where they crossed over with traditional spinning hard drive mechanisms on a price-per-gigabyte basis.

SSDs are now available in 16TB configurations on a single drive, allowing a 1U rack to have up to a petabyte of storage at a time.

IntelliFlex 2.0 also includes dual 18-core Intel Xeon processors, leading to faster execution of data warehouse analytics, and, the company claims, lowers data centre costs by enabling up to 3.5x the amount of data to be stored in the same space.