Google's 'mobilegeddon' update release date arrives

Google's latest algorithm update - focused especially on mobile browsing - is being rolled out today, with many organisations waiting with baited breath to see whether they will be adversely or positively affected by the changes.

Most successful businesses now rely on search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to get their websites seen, but those strategies themselves always in turn rely on Google's complex algorithms.

When those change, it can mean bad news for many previously thriving sites, and another update for Google's mobile-friendly algorithm is indeed on its way. Today, an update, dubbed Mobilegeddon', will change "mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact on our search results," according to Google.

Maria Mitsostergiou, head of search at mobile marketing firm Somo, said: "Google's upcoming mobile friendly' algorithm update the so-called Mobilegeddon is another indication of how important Mobile Search is and will be this year. We regularly see Organic Search becoming an increasingly important factor for Paid Search success."

Websites that anticipated being affected include MI5, Nintendo, Windows Phone, RyanAir and more, with the way Google recognises how compatible with mobile devices their sites are changing. Even companies with apps or reactive sites may see a drop in rankings - though the full impact may not be seen until anywhere between 72 hours and several weeks, experts says.

"The incorporation of mobile friendliness' as a ranking signal for websites will separate companies proactively opting-into mobile versus those that cannot see the benefit and power of their mobile presence on SERPs," Mitsostergiou continued.

"This in turn will only benefit the synergy of Organic and Paid Search efforts by providing the right results in the right place and at the right time."

This article was originally published on 15/04/15

Caroline Preece

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