YouTube switches off support for old Apple devices

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YouTube has decided to switch off support for older Apple devices including the iPhone 4 and second generation Apple TV.

Despite the video streaming app being preinstalled on these devices, it will now not work as YouTube is upgrading the API running older versions.

Other devices affected include smart TVs, games consoles and Blu-Ray players. It will also stop working for people using version 2 or older of Google TV. When the apps are disabled, viewers will only be able to see a warning message and, come late May, videos simply won't load.

Version 2 of the app will continue working for the next few weeks. Third-generation Apple TV owners can install a new version of the app to view their favourite videos, but other users aren't so lucky. They will simply have to watch the streaming site through a browser - which isn't even an option for people using early versions of Google TV or second generation Apple TV.

Google started warning customers it would be launching DATA API version 3 last March. In September, it issued a migration guide for device manufacturers so they could ensure customers would be able to keep watching YouTube after the switchover.

Google claims the new YouTube API will provide an enhanced experience, meaning people will be able to watch videos from within other apps. However, stopping more than one million people from accessing the app will probably not enhance the experience for unsupported device users who will have to use their browser to view videos in the future.

Clare Hopping
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