New iPad Air 2 could get anti-reflective coating

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The heavily rumoured iPad Air 2 could sport an anto-reflective display for easier reading in the daytime, according to reports.

Bloomberg reported that suppliers have started making tablets with the new coating that should make the larger of the iPads easier to read during the day.

However, this new process has introduced delays which could force output to be scaled back, the article said.

According to the report, the next version of the 9.7-in tablet will be unveiled by the end of this quarter or early in the next one.

The report claims that the new iPad Mini will only be available by the end of the year. Apple is also said to be launching its flagship iPhone 6 as well. This is rumoured to be coming in two screen sizes for the first time.

The next refresh of the iPad is an important one for Apple as sales of the tablet have slipped in the last quarter. Android tablets have fast been catching up with the iPad and taken significant market share.

The iPad is Apple's second biggest-selling product after the iPhone. Tim Cook recently blamed declining sales on customers being "too happy" with their current devices to upgrade.

The iPad Air 2 looks set to maintain the look and feel of the current iPad Air but with new features such as Touch ID and the A8 processor under the hood. It will also sport iOS8 as its operating system.

Apple recently signed a deal with IBM to bring iPads into the enterprise with a raft of new business-oriented apps in the pipeline as well as enabling IBM to sell iOS devices to its customers. This deal could help boost sales of the iconic tablets.

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