iPad Air 2 tipped to receive 2GB RAM boost

Apple's next-generation 9.7-inch iPad release may have its RAM enhanced to 2GB, rumours have suggested, though the second-generation iPad mini will not enjoy a similar boost.

The iPad Air currently ships with just 1GB of RAM, which pales in comparison to the average Android tablet at 2GB, but Apple is obviously keen to address this problem with its next tablet release.

The second-generation iPad mini, however, will not receive a similar upgrade and will maintain 1GB RAM, it has been reported.

The enhanced tablet specifications make sense when considering what Apple has planned for iOS 8, with split-screen functionality and more requiring the iPad Air 2 to work a little harder.

This will push it up to the same level as the Nexus 7, though there are still plenty of Android tablets going even higher at 3GB or 4GB of RAM.

Apple devices, however, are designed in a way that uses the RAM more efficiently, and thus iPads don't need as much to run as well.

The rumours, if true, could relate back to recent reports suggesting iPad sales are set to continue falling over the next few years.

Additional speculation has pointed towards the iPad Air 2 also introducing the Touch ID home button featured on the iPhone 5s.

It is unknown when reports regarding the next-generation iPads will be confirmed, but it's possible this could happen at Apple's 9 September event, when the iPhone 6 is expected to be announced.

Caroline Preece

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