Will Tesco launch the Hudl 2 on October 3?

Tesco has issued invites to an event on October 3, thought to be the launch of the Hudl 2 tablet.

The invite read "We want to show you the bigger picture" suggesting it'll feature a larger screen than the previous tablet that included a seven inch screen.

Tesco's website has been changed to promote the launch, promising its customers a sneak peek at the new device.

The retail chain's first foray into the tablet scene seemed a surprising success, perfectly targeting the device at younger generations and capturing parents' attention while they were casually out shopping for groceries.

Tesco has previously expressed an interest in launching into smartphones too, presumably to bolster its existing phone service that runs on O2's network.

Robin Terrell, group multi-channel director for Tesco, said back in early September: "We were confident that we could offer customers something we saw was lacking in the mobile market: an affordable, quality 4G smartphone handset. As we developed the idea in the first few months of the year, we could see a gap we could fill for our customers."

However, the blog post also went into detail about why the supermarket decided to put a hold on its plans to develop the follow up to its first-gen tablet instead, saying the smartphone market was perhaps too competitive for a new player to enter the 4G smartphone space.

The Hudl tablet has come under fire since it launched in 2012 and most of these concerns have been focused on the security of the device.

In August, it was discovered that the Hudl retained data even after a hardware reset, meaning if you sold or gave your tablet to someone else, there was a possibility they could access your private data.

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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