Tim Berners-Lee

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What is the semantic web?

Another idea from the inventor of the web, but what does it mean for the rest of us?
23 Apr 2019
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Tim Berners-Lee: How we can win back the web

The public must reject misinformation and keep control of their own data
13 Mar 2017
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Tim Berners-Lee sets out vision for the web in 2050

The World Wide Web creator calls on internet users to defend net neutrality and create a more democratic web
8 Oct 2014
online censorship
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Tim Berners-Lee says freedom of internet under threat

The inventor of the world wide web says governments and corporations are risking our rights
29 Sep 2014
Network & Internet

The worldwide web at 25: business' window on the world

What are businesses making of an invention many CIOs dismissed as a gimmick?
13 Mar 2014
WWW helpers
Network & Internet

The web at 25: Where next?

As the world wide web celebrates its birthday, Simon takes stock of what's happened so far, and the big tests ahead...
12 Mar 2014
WWW helpers
Network & Internet

The web at 25: Where next?

As the world wide web celebrates its birthday, Simon takes stock of what's happened so far, and the big tests ahead...
12 Mar 2014
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Why is an open data policy so important?

Following Tim Berners-Lee’s quest to open up data, we take a look at why it’s important the UK government gets a formal policy in place.
18 Dec 2013
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Tim Berners-Lee criticises surveillance agencies

Inventor of World Wide Web brands decision “appalling and foolish."
7 Nov 2013
Open sign
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UK government data is most open

Sir Tim Berners-Lee unveils a report into open data which suggests the UK's policy performing best.
31 Oct 2013
Network & Internet

Berners-Lee to provide internet access to world's poorest

World Wide Web pioneer teams up with UK Government and tech giants to open up internet access to developing nations.
8 Oct 2013
Internet search

Tim Berners-Lee hits out at UK and US web surveillance

Web pioneer scoops engineering prize, castigates government spying.
27 Jun 2013

Tim Berners-Lee hits out at PRISM

Creator of world wide web calls NSA programme “deeply concerning”
10 Jun 2013
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Berners-Lee predicts new internet revolution

The "father of the web" sets out his vision for the future of the online world.
25 Apr 2012
data privacy
data protection

Berners-Lee slams Facebook over data openness

Web pioneer says users should get their data back from Facebook.
18 Apr 2012
Network & Internet

Berners-Lee: Twitter should be more 'sophisticated'

The founder of the World Wide Web claims the microblogging service is no place for 'reasoned discussion.'
24 May 2011
Sir Tim Berners-Lee
data controller

Berners-Lee: Cuts no excuse to cut back data

The founder of the World Wide Web criticises US claims open data sites need to be cut back due to costs.
19 Apr 2011
Week in Review
public sector

Week in review: IE9, net neutrality and 100Mbps broadband!

This week, Microsoft launched IE9, there was something of a stalemate in a net neutrality debate and Virgin boasted about its 100Mbps broadband.
18 Mar 2011
public sector

Berners-Lee argues net neutrality case

Sir Tim Berners-Lee pushes his pro-net neutrality argument during a Government-held roundtable.
17 Mar 2011
Tim Berners-Lee
Network & Internet

Berners-Lee questions Apple and Facebook openness

Tim Berners-Lee has warned of various threats facing the web, emphasising the need for open standards.
22 Nov 2010
Web use
Network & Internet

Gordon Brown takes leading role on the web

The former UK Prime Minister uses his connections to democratise broadband.
6 Sep 2010
Open data
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Berners-Lee: Open data a ‘crucial tool’ during tough times

Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Professor Nigel Shadbolt may have been gracious about the loss of funding for the Institute of Web Science but they are fighti…
26 May 2010
Cost cutting
public sector

Coalition cuts Tim Berners-Lee's web science centre

As more details come to light about where the Government’s £6.2 billion worth of cuts will come from, the Institute for Web Science becomes one of the…
25 May 2010