The IT Pro Podcast: Can technology make us more than human?

The IT Pro Podcast: Can technology make us more than human?

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology.” From Robocop to the Six Million Dollar Man, popular fiction has fantasised for years about the potential possibilities of augmenting human capabilities with technology to make us faster, stronger and more intelligent.

Recent improvements in fields like robotics, prosthetics and artificial intelligence have brought that dream closer than ever to being a reality - but what does human augmentation really mean? Where do we draw the line between tools and augmentations? And what function - if any - can they serve in a practical business context? In this week’s episode of the IT Pro Podcast, we look at the emerging field of augmentation tech, the biohacking and transhumanist subcultures, and how close we really are to brain chips and bionic eyeballs.




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