The AI-powered supply chain

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With the recent global and regional socio-economic disruptions caused by the pandemic, industries such as retail, consumer products, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and life sciences all struggle to align production and stocking with rapidly shifting purchasing demands. At the same time, some channels have surged ahead: online retailers, delivery services, and pharmacies are thriving. In this new reality, organisations without a robust and agile predictive capability face supply chain management challenges.

This eBook discusses how injecting AI into existing business intelligence solutions can greatly enhance the ability of retailers and manufacturers to predict future demand for goods, even in uncertain and dynamic times.

Download now and learn about:

  • Consumer and industry trends affecting supply chains
  • The impact of AI on supply chains within organisations implementing it
  • Real-life supply chain use cases for AI around demand, logistics, warehousing, price optimisation, and more
  • The five fundamental steps organisations need to take to achieve AI-driven forecasting

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