Intel rolls out Open Source AI Reference Kits for enterprises

Artificial Intelligence

Intel has released its first set of Open Source AI Reference Kits to make AI accessible for enterprises of all sizes in all environments, including on-premises, cloud, and the edge.

Utility asset health, Visual quality control, Customer chatbot, and Intelligent document indexing make up the new series.


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Included in these reference kits are AI model code, end-to-end machine learning pipeline instructions, libraries, plus Intel oneAPI components for cross-architecture performance.

Built-in collaboration with Accenture, Intel’s AI reference kits are also suited for greenfield AI introduction besides aiding in the incorporation of strategic changes to existing AI solutions.

“These kits enable data scientists and developers to learn how to deploy AI faster and more easily across healthcare, manufacturing, retail and other industries with higher accuracy, better performance and lower total cost of implementation,” stated Intel.

Commenting on future updates, Intel added its upcoming open source AI reference kits will feature trained machine learning and deep learning models to facilitate organizations’ digital transformation efforts.

“Innovation thrives in an open, democratized environment,” said Wei Li, Intel vice president and general manager of AI and analytics.

“The Intel accelerated open AI software ecosystem including optimized popular frameworks and Intel’s AI tools are built on the foundation of an open, standards-based, unified oneAPI programming model. These reference kits, built with components of Intel’s end-to-end AI software portfolio, will enable millions of developers and data scientists to introduce AI quickly and easily into their applications or boost their existing intelligent solutions,” added Li.